Canmore to Calgary 3

What a glorious start to the day, sun shinning and well rested. I set sail from the Hostel Bear in Canmore at 9am having met a few new friends. If all hostels were like this I wouldn’t stay anywhere else, full kitchen, several TVs, a games room with several couches to relax on and the staff were extremely friendly and helpful.

I am not sure if it was just the sunny morning or if Canmore is just that spectacular in beauty. The three sisters peaks were majestic in the background of this town. My ride out of the town was surrounded by mountains as I cycled the Trans Canada toward Calgary. I immediately caught a downwind and downhill ride cycling a steady 25km/hr pace sometimes reaching over 40km/hr in the flats as I left the mountains. I had one more climb to tackle, Scott Lake Hill which at its peak is 1410m. This actually is the highest point on the entire Trans Canada Hwy. I am still in disbelief that this is higher than Allison and Rogers pass?

Many people told me of the dramatic change from the mountains to the prairies but you don’t appreciate it till you see it. I continually kept looking back at the formidable mountains with a bitter sweet feeling. I just spent two weeks battling their climbs, fears of bears, rain, snow, cold,and enjoying their majestic beauty and now I was leaving them. I think I will miss what they offered me and will never take them for granted. I am hoping the next part of my journey, the prairies, offers its own gifts.

What a contrast, cattle ranch after cattle ranch…Alberta beef at its best.

Jim Hope joined me just outside Calgary to lead me to Chez Hope. What a wonderful ride into SW Calgary, using some of the 600km in trails the city has to offer. We arrived at the house around 330pm. The evening was amazing. Sunny, back deck, beer, great Alberta beef…and:

One of my favourite California reds…this would be the reason for the late blog today. Anyone who knows the Hope family knows I am in the entertainment king’s house. We had a great evening solving all of the club industries issues. All said, still the best industry around when you have colleagues like Jim.

Daily cycle: 119.4km
Daily cycle time: 5hrs 42min

3 thoughts on “Canmore to Calgary

  1. Reply Jim Carlisle Jun 6,2013 12:59 am

    Lot’s of opportunity waiting for you when you get back. However, after your journey, I am sure many options will evolve as to the next adventure in your life. All the best!



  2. Reply Barry Forth Jun 6,2013 11:02 am

    Awesome Dave … glad to hear you had a great stay at Jim Hope’s place. I will be working closely with for the Shaw Charity Classic at Canyon Meadows this August!

    Keep on truckin’!


  3. Reply Sean & Jill Jun 8,2013 3:36 am

    Hey Dave, keep it up. You are doing great! We all love reading your blogs each night, including the kids. You need to embrace the flora and avoid the fauna. Those bears sure look big 🙂


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