Training update

At home cycle training

At home cycle training

Hello everyone

This is my first ever blog! We will be updating the website with a link to the Breast Cancer Foundation for donations and finsihing the mapping of my route.  I will conintue to blog about my training along with various random thoughts that pass through someones head who has way to much time on their hands!

Well I am coming to the end of week 5 of 12 weeks of preparation for this journey.  In my first week I was cycling indoors for a little over 100km now i am up over 200 km a wk  Along with the cycling I have been working on my strength training and hitting the treadmill as much as I can stand!  and yes, losing weight has been a nice side beneift.  I fear that most of my clothes will no longer fit by the time I start this journey in May (not such a bad thing I guess!).

Some have asked if I am watching what I eat or using a nutritionalist…honestly no, but what I have found is the more I workout and push myself cycling the less iI want to make poor choices when it comes to eating.  Drinking beer has not slowed!!!  Steve Langston, who wrote the book Canada by Cycle, says that once the journey starts I will have a race car metabolism so during the journey it will be more about packing in as much food as I can.  Those who I see on the road will have to bring the beer as I don’t plan to carry it with me!

Cheers and be well


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